As we have said several times, one of the most classic and recurring foods in the world’s diet is the biscuit, whose origin dates back to the dawn of time and whose shape has adapted to local traditions, modified according to territorial needs until it has become a more or less valid but certainly important substitute on a commercial level for the new proposals and more elaborate marketing ideas, with typologies and restyling always in progress. As Errebi Technology we can confirm that the biscuit market is a constantly evolving market. Alongside the new shapes and the respect for the “appetizing appeal”, that is, never failing to respect the associations that the consumer makes between sensorial experience and a specific product to avoid sensorial dystonias, we find today a new trend represented by the “broken pieces”. The idea is to create a biscuit that is more or less part of the traditional range of biscuits, but once produced it will be crushed into pieces to be used to garnish ice cream, yogurt etc. Hence the reflection on the biscuit paradox arises: attention and care in avoiding the creation of a product that breaks easily, but the same product must have points of lesser strength that allow easy breaking and crushing for the new purpose for which they have been created. The careful study of the sections of the cavities is therefore of huge importance and fundamental. We at Errebi Technology are always ready to accept the challenges that are proposed to us in terms of continuous evolution on the market both at a technological level (construction and materials) and at a design level.