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Who does not have an old recipe book or perhaps a notebook written by hand by our grandmothers who jealously guarded what today is aridly defined as “know-how” and which once consisted of knowing how to make traditional sweets and biscuits with skillful dexterity … As far as our specific field is concerned, it is […]


The end of 2022 is approaching and once again we are looking back on this year with mixed feelings. Covid restrictions continued to challenge us even if shiny and hopefully more optimistic than the last tw years. But during this year we have also been witness of another war, causing destruction, desperation, and serious damages […]


This distortion of the famous Christmas carol to remind once again the flexibility of Errebi Technology in offering you customized moulds based on your production needs. The ring construction allows extreme flexibility in terms of continuity of production, 100% reliable tests with the use of test rings, the possibility of interchanging the rings by diversifying […]


  As we have already mentioned on another occasion, the heart of the production process of a biscuit line is the mould, while the cavity is the heart of this mould. The long experience of Errebi Technology is not limited to a thoughtful choice of the most suitable materials for demoulding and for a lasting […]


Opposites are often said to attract. In the culinary field, creativity often manages to give life to harmony with curious and unique recipes. But what today is defined as a refined exquisiteness is perhaps born of a poor reality in which families, especially farmers, had their breakfast by putting together what they had available such […]


Generally  Errebi Technology brand is associated with the production of cookie moulds. However, the range of our production also extends to other sectors of bakery products. But the most important thing is that the same high technology in the research of design and materials as well as the accuracy in the definition of the projects […]


Salted biscuits or snacks are generally associated with a laminated process of hard doughs: dough sheet cut from a rotary cutter originating the most varied geometric shapes and more. However, even those who do not have a rotory cutting line can produce salted biscuits and snack, thanks to special rotary moulding rollers which, with some […]


If we enter a supermarket in the biscuit department we are overwhelmed by shelves full of packages of the most varied shapes: no longer a simple round or square or rectangular biscuit, no longer a simple piece of cooked dough, but increasingly risky profiles and various designs fill bags and packages of sweet products. We […]


They  say that it takes from 1 to 2 months to create a habit in our behavior. The period we leave behind has had an extraordinary impact on the way we live and relate, drastically changing even the most deeply rooted habits. We have definitely experienced months of challenges and changes on various levels (safety, […]


Errebi Technology is located in a small town in the Veneto region, near art cities such as Ferrara, Venice, Verona … Opposite our headquarters there is an industrial pastry shop that inebriates us with its aroma of “panettoni” and “colombe” (typical Italian Christmas and Easter cakes), long before the Christmas or Easter season begins. The […]