There is a place in Scotland near Balmoral Castle, home of the late Queen Elizabeth, where a tailor makes tailor-made suits for His Majesty The King Charles of England himself.

Without being blue blooded, today’s society seems to have increasingly pretentious needs. High quality, reasonably low prices, increasingly shorter mandatory deliveries.

This is where customization comes from, i.e. the possibility for the customer to decide between different solutions. It is a reactive service in which the company offers a series of features that can be chosen by the customer, “customizable”, indeed.

However, we like to make a distinction with what we define as a personalized service, when, by recognizing the customer’s needs, we are able to provide an additional service, a set of added values ​​to amaze and satisfy the customer.

In other words, while customizing means creating a service by offering different options when purchasing a product, “personalizing” a service means using the information we already have to offer something more specific for a particular customer. It is therefore essential to have a loyalty program available that allows us to get to know our customers.

Errebi Technology Spa offers both customization and personalization services thanks to the loyalty with which our customers have followed us and placed their trust in us for years.

So here is the creation of molds for the production of personalized biscuits with original designs, dimensions and weights according to various needs and adjust our materials to the specific dough recipes. It is not essential to refer to our online catalogue, although it is a rich reality constantly in progress with always new designs to propose. In fact, our customers can send their sketches, samples, drawings on which to develop something identical or personalized.

We are coming to the end of another year, and our hope is that each of you can customize and personalize the new year based on your expectations and desires.

We at Errebi technology cannot customize your dreams, but for sure, we can customize and personalize the production of your biscuits!

Therefore, we remain at yr complete disposal for a new year together!

Happy 2024!