Speculoos, or spiced cinnamon biscuits, are becoming more and more international, and as a typically Nordic product (Belgium, Holland …) we find them in an increasingly global market. The peculiarity of the ingredients (rather abrasive) makes this product rather critical in terms of the mould given the need for special materials, resisting to abrasion and making release easier. The most typical shapes recall the rural and village world of windmills as well as the pre-Christmas period linked to Santa Klaus or santa Nikolas. However, the version of “teaspoon” possibly offered in single portion together with coffee at the bar is becoming increasingly popular. From a strictly technical point of view, the main criticisms are found as already mentioned in the abrasive dough and ingredients, but also in the designs, both represented by the three-dimensionality of the most classic products mentioned above, or by a well-balanced proportion of dimensions in a spoon that must take into account the structure to avoid breakage. It is in this step that Errebi Technology makes its experience available for the creation of a mould that lasts over time and that can produce a perfect biscuit.