There is a close correlation between a hard / laminated biscuits and the oven band. In fact, a hard product on a steel band needs more precautions than a mesh oven, especially in terms of docker pins, essential elements to avoid bubbles (blisters) and other critical issues. This is mainly due to the fact that the moisture present in the biscuit must find a way out (facilitated precisely by the docker pins). Not to mention the possible storage and durability problems of the products as well as issues related to checking, due to the higher degree of humidity. Sometimes, however, the use of docker pins is not accepted favorably because it could aesthetically affect the appearance of a biscuit and its design that originally did not includes any holes. And this is where the experience of Errebi Technology comes into play, suggesting how to “dose” the lay on, configuration and distribution of docker pins in the critical areas of the biscuit. Errebi Technology also suggests the most suitable type of docker pins in terms of profile and dimensions, finding the most appropriate and suitable solutions so that the final product has the required appearance but with that added value that represents its quality.