One of the most classic food in the global diet: biscuit. Its origin, which dates back to the mists of time, has seen it adapt to local traditions, territorial needs up to the wide availability represented today by a wide range of brands, types and restyling. As Errebi Technology we can confirm that biscuits are a constantly evolving market. When new shapes are not designed, such as those linked to “fantasy” experiences of the milleniars and new generations (an example for all: unicorns, dinosaurs, fantastic animals and mermaids), the trend is to preserve the past with a look to the future: here is the restyling, but always respecting the “appetizing appeal” that is, never failing to respect the associations that the consumer makes between sensory experience and a specific product to avoid sensory dystonias. The major brands therefore tend to preserve the elements that bind them to their tradition and historicity such as shapes, packaging colors, simplicity (linked to the memory of a homemade products), health (healthy, nutritious products), but also playful and new in the mix of ingredients (seeds, dried fruit …). Based on these goals, various types of biscuits are developed, each with its own features. We as Errebi Technology, are always ready to accept the challenges that are proposed to us in terms of continuous evolution on the market both in terms of technology (construction and materials) and in terms of design.