Errebi Technology: a family-run company’s story

Once upon a time….

All fairytales and nice stories start in this way. All traditional novels show that determination, efforts, and simple but deep values get the best results. Today it is not question of Cindarella or Snow-White; today we’d like to tell you the story of Errebi Technology.

Last year was an important anniversary for Errebi Technology: the celebration of its 60 years: a great combination between the long experience of wise old people with the spirit of innovation of the younger generations. Over the past more than 60 years (since 1959) Errebi Technology has been producing biscuit moulds and since then, we have captured a major portion of this industry worldwide. During the years, we have been having a continuous growth and increased our investments with high technological machineries and human resources, while still being a family-run company.

In 2011 Errebi Technology headquarters moved into a more and efficient building (almost 4 times bigger than the old one) and has being increasing in operating units (CNC machines centres) as well as improved in organization, logistics and production.

Among our satisfied customers, Errebi Technology includes some of the most famous names in biscuit manufacturers, such as Barilla, Mondelez, Pladis, Nestle’ etc. In order to serve these reputable customers, we equipped ourselves with the most and newest computerized machines guaranteeing the highest precision. Machines able to support dies weights up to 1200 kgs and up to 2500m long by diameters up to 450mm. In other words, thanks to these machines there is no risk for blending in spite of high weight and accuracy is achieved. This also means to be able and follow with precision and accuracy one of the topical trends which is to make bigger and bigger diameters dies. Errebi Technology has also being employing a team of highly skilled technicians able to create and reproduce any kind of biscuit shape you desire with specific solutions. In this way we are able to achieve a capacity and efficiency level that makes us unrivalled in this field.

But the focus today is put onto a couple of considerations. In particular:

a) The fact of being a family-run company since ever. The company started thanks to the great forsight of the founder, Mrs Adriana Masi and her husband Mr. Giovanni Paglione, and followed today by her son, Mr. Massimiliano Paglione. To mention specific names and surnames is not by chance nor attention-seeking. It is rather connected to the fact that in a scenario of companies continuously buying and / or absorbing each other, it is of huge importance to have a continuity in the contacts with customers, which are not considered as merely numbers. Names and surnames, in other words, “people” have a huge importance in the development of a dialogue, based on which ideas, creations, projects “naturally” arise and cancel any risk of “arid” fruitless and sterile assistance. Errebi Technology with its philosophy is deeply convinced that the development of projects is not merely reduced to calculations, but it is a result of exchanging ideas in a friendly relationship with its customers which are not called as such but they are rather partners and friends. In particular, in a field like the biscuit world, where creation, imagination, and rational calculation go side by side, it is very important to have a partner offering you more than a “feedback”. And as such, every day from our design and project dept lots of new designs and ideas are generated always with very tailor-made and customized solutions.

b) The second consideration we’d like to stress here today is that Errebi technology makes biscuits dies and cutters since ever. The opportunities to spread our production and differentiate in different items than the dies have come time to time during the years. Questions like “why don’t you also propose other items/machines related with biscuit production?” are questions that have been asked to Errebi Technology more than once. But once again our philosophy has always been to focus in what we have been making since ever. And thanks to this choice, we have been able to concentrate all our energy and studies in making more and more accurate and technological biscuit rollers in terms of constructions and materials. Our team of experts are available to offer you the best solution for your needs. Remember that it is only in production that you can actually see the difference between a standard roller and an Errebi Technology one.

Errebi technology, the unique specialists of biscuits dies since ever, the most imitated one…