baked but not fried

In spite of the various trends towards healthier and lighter food choices, it is also true that (good for those who, like us, work in the world of biscuits), we can’t give up eating biscuits and snacks. So one of the trends is that of a compromise: healthy and light products, but without sacrificing taste. In the collective imaginary of young and old people there are mountains of ice cream, rivers of chocolate, and french fries … and we can eat them endlessly because the real enemy are  vegetables or, in the case of Mafalda by Quino the “sopa”, the hated soup !. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the real world. Therefore the alternative for a healthier diet is to limit the quantity or quality of food.

And in fact, more and more we find “short list” recipes, that is, with a few simple ingredients. The trend is to be “without something” (sugar free, gluten free, no fat content, palm oil free … “. The same Italian language seems more fashionable when it mentions in English” glutenfree, no palm oil .. . ”

Here we want to make a reflection in particular about chips and snacks that are counted among the so-called  “junk food“. In fact, frying seems to trigger a carcinogenic process due to acrylamide, i.e. a toxic substance that is formed when food rich in starch (such as potatoes) is cooked at temperatures above 120 °. Occasional consumption is not a problem. Yet it is difficult for young and adults to give up the pleasure of chips and snacks. A healthier version has then been created, not fried to avoid giving up the classic chips without sacrificing taste!

Because it is clear that consumer preference for the range of healthy products must not influence taste and consistency. The example of “baked non-fried” products is becoming increasingly popular. For making  this type of product, the easiest way is to always rely on the technology by ErrebiTechnology,  at your side not only for the creation of cookie molds but also for the development of snack projects. The use of special rotary cutters with particular cuts, cutting-edge materials allowing long life and perfect release. And again, the design with scrapless lay out configurations for recovering the whole dough sheet, this point being of huge importance to avoid the problem of scraps, the recovery of trimmings, the recycling of dough that often cannot be reused … and again assistance experienced staff able to mechanically and technologically support the development of an alternative product. Errebi Technology is all of this and much more. Contact us for further information.