Need for flexibility has become very topical in a world where everything is changing all the time. And it is even more topical nowadays when incertitude impacts with our habits and forces us to  change often our plans. And this happens also in our beloved world of biscuits: following media, social trends, novelty or cartoons themes (we all know children’s power in the market  to convince their parents to buy a trend mark rather than another one, influenced by what’s going on for them in terms of movies for example). Beside, also the so called “traditional or classical” brands making the story of a Company might need some restyling and / or some resizing. Or again, the “seasonal” products (Halloween, Christmas, St.Valentine, Easter …).

More and more there are cookies celebrating a season or cookies promoting an event or a movie. But their production life is quite short.

So, if from one side we have a trend toward short life cycles, from the other side, there is the request for re-designing existing shapes. And to facilitate this rapidity in changes, biscuit producers demand more and more fast track route from conception to production. No matter of saying that #Errebi technology is ready once more to play a proper role on this. A special construction permitting you flexible changes married with a performance looking like a solid construction in terms of accuracy and precision.

In other words, if our rollers look like made in a piece only, they are actually made with interchangeable rings and this means “flexibility”

  • In terms of continuity in production, because the easy change allow you to replace the damage ring with the spare one
  • In terms of accuracy and precision when testing a new product: a trial ring can give you a 100% precise test in production

But “flexibility” with Errebi Technology is even much more than this: the possibility of regenerating your roller once they are worn or once a cycle of products is over and you don’t produce such a cookie any more. And this allow you to save costs.

And last but not least, a consideration on cookies traditionally made with a different process (wire cut, hard, soft), which might be made with a similar appearance but with a different process. The purpose for this? To save money in the process or to produce something similar but with the available machines…

A biscuit roller here in Errebi Technology is not a simple tool for giving shape to a piece of dough. It’s much more than this. It is the result of long experience and rational considerations to offer you a special tool which can be exploited in different possibilities, always with the accuracy and precision which make Errebi Tecnology different from any other die manufacturer worldwide…