The end of 2022 is approaching and once again we are looking back on this year with mixed feelings. Covid restrictions continued to challenge us even if shiny and hopefully more optimistic than the last tw years. But during this year we have also been witness of another war, causing destruction, desperation, and serious damages to the world economy with continuous increase of costs of raw materials, more or less justified by the events.  We, as Errebi Technology Spa, have continued looking forward with optimism, trying to support our partners and friends with resilience, cooperation and support for which we can be proud. Also for this we want to say thanks to all our partners for continuing in trusting and believing in us, in our technology and in our esperience, in spite of the hard times for everybody. We are pleased to confirm our friends that in spite of all the troubles, the world of biscuits has grown with  new challenges, and we are confident that we with the new year we can continue to grow together as we have done in 2022. Thank you again for your support, for your positivity in what was another challenging year. We wish you all the very best for the the new year. Stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in 2023. Best wishes,