The word “Sandwich” recalls a product with at least 3 layers (two external and a central filling) and does not refer only to the classic sandwich: in fact we also find the sandwich in the world of biscuits where this product occupies a significant place in the market. More or less famous brands that we do not mention in order not to harm anyone, products more or less imitated globally. The Sandwich is characterized by a base and a top pieces with central filling (chocolate, caramel, jam, etc.). Recently proposed in richer and more sophisticated versions, with a double layer, almost becoming a confectionary product; in “resized” versions (“thin” or “bite size”) because we have to look to the past for creating the future. The base is generally plain or with small passing holes, while the top can recall the same design as the base but with passing holes to highlight the internal filling. Errebi Tecnology once again makes its experience available so that the creation of the mould is not limited to be a simple tool to give a shape to the biscuits to be paired and filled. The needs of an increasingly attentive market to limit costs without forgetting the quality and the appearance of the product have motivated Errebi Technology to look not only for more and more innovative materials, but also and above all to focus on the study of particular designs so that the different market requests are fullfilled. In fact, sometimes the need may be to have exactly the same weight / volume between top and base. This need is compensated with a slight difference in the thickness of the top / base to compensate for the lack of dough in the top. In other cases, the request is for an even thickness, and here there will be a touch-up to the external dimensions to make everything even. And again as for the lay out configuration: alternating top / base on the width of the roller or dividing the same with half top and half base pieces, with the possibility in this case, to make a two-color sandwich by inserting a central groove on the roller. The experience of Errebi Technology allows us to suggest even the best solution in terms of engravings and designs so that the release of the product is guaranteed and there are no breakages due to the presence of holes that are too large or incorrectly arranged which would weaken the biscuit and make it extraordinarily fragile. To conclude, therefore, whenever you take a break and enjoy a sandwich cookie spoiling yourself a little, please think that behind this little jewel for the palate there is a consolidated team work between Errebi Technology and its customer friends!