Butter, vanilla, coconut and chocolate are perhaps the flavours that we most often associate with biscuits. And in fact, “butter cookies” or “vainilla biscuits” are characterized by their scent closely linked to these flavours. But more and more biscuits with new flavours are offered and the idea of ​​giving shape to a flavour increasingly fascinates biscuit producers looking for novelties to offer. Here then appear biscuits in the shape of an orange (whole or in slides) or in the shape of lemon, and again in the shape of a chocolate bar, rather than ear of wheat or almond. Flavour in biscuits is an important element that not only stimulates a characteristic taste but also preserves its characteristics over time. With the increasing tendency to propose healthy foods, “natural” flavours (vs artificial ones) play a very important role. Above we have mentioned some examples of products that refer to classical ones, but let’s not forget that the search for novelty is also pushing the creation of savory flavoured products and the shape given to these “snacks” once again tries to recall the flavour that characterizes them: snacks / crackers in the shape of pizzas, slices of onion or other vegetables or beans are just a few examples. The perception of flavours (through our sensory parts such as smell and taste) set in motion the receptors connected to the brain, triggering a series of emotions and memories that push the consumer to prefer one product rather than another. And in a period of uncertainty like the one we are experiencing, it also becomes important to anchor ourselves to a product that recalls more pleasant and safer moments from our past. So if sight is perhaps the first tool that guides us in choosing a product (the role of packaging is fundamental in this), we can place the flavours immediately afterwards as evocators of pleasant subjective sensations. Errebi Technology is ready once again to assist in shaping doughs with particular flavours with carefully designed shapes so that the final product conforms to expectations in terms of weight and design.