2020 has been an extremely unusual year (if we want to put it mildly …), characterized by months and experiences that have changed our lives by revolutionizing our habits, not least the food ones. Personally, the period of the lockdown and post lock down pushed me to different considerations that have generated the creation of various articles posted over the weeks (if you have missed any of them you can find all in our web site at the section “news”). If we put them all together, these various considerations sometimes sound something contradictory. In reality it is not really so because the world of biscuits,  by us Errebi Technology experienced so closely on a daily basis, is a world in continuous evolution, eclectic and flexible where you never stop proposing and creating , always with an eye to the past and looking towards the future. And this is the philosophy that Errebi Technology has always embraced: innovation without forgetting its roots. With the hope that the new year will bring everyone a better time than the one we leave behind us,  and with the hope that we will soon be able to share these considerations with you directly here at our headquarters in an upcoming conference that we are organizing and which will be an opportunity to discuss with you, with exchanges and comparisons of experiences worldwide!