It will be an occupational hazard, but our passion for reading novels belonging to international literature has had several occasions to read pages mentioning cookies. We are ready to give you concrete examples if you are interested in☺.  But our reflection today is focused on the fact that the biscuit represents a bit a metaphorical element of our lives: a silent and discreet protagonist of daily life, like coffee or bread and whose importance we only realize when it is not there.  In other words, we invite you for a moment to change your perspective and your point of view: we refer in particular to all  Project Managers, Technologists, Marketing Managers, all of them involved with their calculations, rational considerations … let’s not forget that the final result that we are looking for is not just a piece of cooked dough to fill our empty bellies and / or to feed us. The biscuit is also a special tool with the great power to awaken our sensibility,  our feelings and our memories, just like the famous “Madeleine” by Marcel Proust!