The biscuit has seen an evolution over the years and from a simple piece of cooked dough, it has been transformed into something more and more elaborate and accurate in terms of dough and recipes, as well as in terms of shape and design, with particular attention to dimensions, thickness and weight so that everything can meet with process costs. The search for the new has led to the proposal of increasingly extreme shapes such as “puzzle” or “3D” shaped biscuits where the pleasure of the palate joins the playful pleasure (above all … but not only …) for younger people. Different shapes can be coupled together to form real puzzles or for an improvised domino game or, why not, for the construction of 3D figures thanks to the presence of “stand shaped” biscuits to support figures that are inserted on top! If we have tickled your curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Errebi Technology has been at your service for decades with its experience that looks to the future with an eye to the past.