The collective imagination in the Nordic Countries links Christmas period to the production of special cookies, the “gingerbreads” whose shapes are linked to the world of Christmas. However, this tradition has developed more and more not only at a geographical level (today we can find cookies with Christmas shapes in several Countries), but also at a thematic level: celebrations such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter … up to the promotion of events such as movie releases with cartoon or comic characters. However, the marketing activity has gone even further, expanding the proposal not only to traditional consumers (people) but also to their most faithful friends, (cats and dogs in particular) who are offered biscuits with various Christmas or Easter shapes in such occasions! It goes without saying that for particular doughs linked to tradition (such as gingerbread doughs), a special technology and materials are required that Errebi Technology offers promptly. And not only that: if seasonal products see the use of molds for a few weeks a year, this is not the case for products linked to an event: in this case Errebi Technology offers a construction technology that allows to regenerate the mold that is not more used with a new shape or design, thus saving costs and avoiding waste!