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VIS Inclusive stronger together

This year we are committed to being present alongside the Basket Vis 2008 Ferrara team in the various youth sector. With a  particular attention we participate in the „VIS Inclusive stronger together“ project with the aim of being alongside those who, with continuous commitment and particular dedication, try to reduce the perception of marginalization and […]

Errebi Technology: a family-run company’s story

Once upon a time…. All fairytales and nice stories start in this way. All traditional novels show that determination, efforts, and simple but deep values get the best results. Today it is not question of Cindarella or Snow-White; today we’d like to tell you the story of Errebi Technology. Last year was an important anniversary […]

Biscuits in the time of COVID-19

During this period of COVID-19, among the various habits we have had to change or to give up to, there is the breakfast ritual at the bar Brioche and cappuccino represent the most classic breakfast in Italy, mainly in the big cities but now more and more also in the small towns. Now with the […]