The biscuit accompanies us in our breakfasts and / or our snacks. It comes in the most varied designs alongside the more classic shapes, that is, those “evergreens” that resized or reproposed with different recipes continue to be successful over the years. Among the various shapes that are proposed and processed by Errebi Technology we find cookies with proper names: the pleasure of finding our identity even in a cookie! In fact, we, as Errebi technology, are always ready to develop the most elaborate designs, with filigreelike details, and the writing of a personal name represents one of these challenges, because it is a question of reproducing the letters that compose on a cookie a name with decidedly limited dimensions and compatibly with the surface of our biscuit. All in compliance with the characteristics of readability, feasibility at the level of engraving and final release. The study of the width of the engravings as well as the release angle and the depth are decisive for the final result to be performing. The idea of ​​rediscovering our name written on a biscuit seems to find success with adult and younger consumers who feel a bit protagonist in that small piece of cooked dough ☺.