The world of packaging is infinite and we could write pages and pages about it. However, with this short article today we want to limit ourselves to a few brief considerations, in particular those related to Errebi Technology. In other words, let’s do a few considerations on how to “dress” the creation with our rollers (the biscuit) with an appropriate look (packaging), which can be not only a first approach for the consumer, but also an identity card of the product itself , identifing and specifing not only the ingredients, but more and more often guiding the consumer to a choice in purchasing, for example with a label borrowed from the world of traffic lights (with colors indicating the degree of healthiness of the product ).

The year 2020 will be remembered for better and for worse for generations as a period full of challenges and for this reason also generating new opportunities. Online shopping has seen a significant increase due to the pandemic and consequent lock down that characterized the period. Here, then, is how packaging has taken on an important role in delivering an intact and well-protected product to the final consumer. And this is fundamental for bakery products being fragile by their nature.

However, packaging is not just a mere container for a product. Often it is a real “story teller” of the producer; it expresses the company’s values, the eco-sustainable approach and the attention paid to the environment. The support of colors and shapes as well as dimensions in the communication strategy is extremely important. In short, the package becomes the first element of approach between the producer and the consumer.

Keywords are “materials” (which must be in step with the times and therefore as eco-compatible as possible and guarantee of complete delivery of the content and conservation of the same over time) and “design / style” (fundamental role to attract the consumer towards one product rather than another).

In terms of biscuits and crackers, more and more often we talk about single portions, ideal for a break or a snack even away from home. And in fact we can say that the lowest common denominator between packaging and biscuits is precisely their nature of being “easy-to-store”, “easy-to carry”. It is essential to protect biscuits which, by their nature, have a certain level of humidity and must therefore be protected from oxidation and mold to remain intact over time.

The packaging therefore has the function of protecting, but also of transmitting a message and putting the customer in communication with the manufacturer.

Whatever the type of packaging, let us remember that this will be fundamental as it is the first impact pushing the consumer towards the purchase of a product / biscuit rather than another, but then, what pushes to loyalty over time is the quality of the product. And certainly with an appropriate tool such as an Errebi Technology roller, the quality of the product is guaranteed!