Do not indulge in temptation in recent years has resulted in a search for increasingly healthier food, with more balanced recipes in terms of nutritional components such as reduction of sugar, fat, salt, to the benefit of other ingredients such as dried fruit. , wholemeal flours, oat flakes or seeds which, in addition to enriching the pleasure for the palate, contribute to a healthier product. Also an enrichment of inclusions such as chocolate contributes to leave room for the consumer to enjoy the palate as well. This is often associated with a more purely economic issue: the cost of some raw materials such as sugar is not competitive in some countries. This pushes more and more towards the use of local raw materials and ingredients (also as a reminder and return to one’s roots and origins). However, in the production process of biscuit doughs this brings out some important critical issues since those ingredients that favored a good production process are reduced if not removed, while elements such as dried fruit and / or wholemeal flours are added, and that makes more difficult all production process. For us as Errebi Technology, everything translates into a constant search for new materials that can guarantee release and last against wear. Also because, in fact, healthy, natural and sustainable must still guarantee a good taste in order to be accepted by an increasingly demanding market. Today more than ever in light of the revolution that the new world situation imposes on us, the expectations of consumers are those of having healthy products that can promote the immune system, but that can also indulge, in consideration of all the sacrifices we are called to do. The concept of single portions is also fundamental, which is increasingly widespread precisely to allow us to indulge in temptation but limiting the quantity. It seems like a slogan the saying “I feel good with what i eat, I eat good to feel good, i eat good with what is good”. Indulgence, balance, healthiness are key words that for Errebi Technology translate into ever greater challenges in the search for materials that are able to combine good release performance and durability over time and always in step with non-toxicity certifications.