Tradition considers the world of soft biscuits as much more versatile than that the one of hard products. The ability to reproduce drawings in relief, 3D effects or perforated products is generally a prerogative of shortbread / soft  biscuits. Precisely for this reason, sandwiches often consist of shortbread biscuits, which play with passing holes to show the contrast of the internal filling. However, and thanks to the continuous R&D study at Errebi Technology, we can now say that this border line has been overcome and designs with passing holes, as well as 3D shapes can also be reproduced on a rotary cutter. And not only that: the kind of configuration in  “scrapless” lay out  also allows the production of biscuits using the entire dough sheet without recovery of scraps (which is fundamental especially in the case of products with inclusions that see the recovery of scraps as a critical point of the process, for example in the case of Sultana). All this is translated into a design study, angles and cutting depths at different levels … Errebi technology is available to provide you with all the information and suggestions you need to expand your range of biscuits with increasingly innovative products, in a period where innovation and tradition marry more and more harmoniously and where brands try to support their customers by supporting them in generating values, trust and credibility.