The summer season, the heat, the desire for summer, this year more than ever after the forced enclosure of the past months. If we ask a child to represent summer, the sea will most likely draw us, but surely there will be an inevitable ice cream. Well-being has led us to have any type of food available (including fruit and vegetables) in any season of the year. The same applies to ice cream, once the prerogative of the summer season only, which has now become an immediate consumer item available all year round, thanks to the offer of supermarkets and various frozen products, among which ice cream stands out. Sandwich or biscuit ice creams often dominate.

Various realities often contribute to the production process of a sandwich ice cream and the final ice cream producer makes use of the collaboration of a manufacturer specialized in the production of ice cream biscuits. Errebi Technology once again gives its contribute in this production: because in fact Errebi Technology is not only synonymous for cookie mould; it is also a brand for the production of molds for ice cream biscuits. A product whose apparent simplicity of shape (round or rectangular or square) actually betrays a detailed work dictated by long experience. The guarantee of uniformity of thickness and weight of the single pieces is of paramount importance in order to be able to match perfectly. Often, however, compensation at the mold level is necessary in order to guarantee this uniformity of thickness. Without forgetting that the dough (short or hard dough) has a different consistency than the normal shortbread and the ice cream biscuit recipe reveals the differences. It is therefore necessary to use special materials that in addition to ensuring the detachment of the product can last over time. And last, but not least, the configuration of the docker pins, these elements, equally important to ensure uniformity of thickness. If the choice in the configuration, design and sizes of these docker pins is not adequate, the regularity of the final product is lost. Relying on Errebi Technology also for an ice cream mold is the best choice both for those who already produce these products and for those who choose to undertake this new production. Suggestions dictated by long experience, sketches, technological orientations supported by recipes … Errebi Technology is this and much more!