The world has restarted and with him also the world of biscuits. Errebi Technology, always first-hand witness to the evolution of the market thanks to its privileged position as a collaborator with most of the biscuit factories worldwide, can confirm that there is once again a great desire to start again with new projects. Current market trends? Same products but with new recipes that know how to combine health with taste. Same products but with recipes that can surprise us with unusual combinations such as combinations of sweet and savory. New shapes, new designs almost to exorcise the drama of the past months. But what is most trendy is the resizing of old products in terms of measures (generally a reduction of the measures or, paradoxically, XXL measures). We then talk about “resizing” to offer similar products but which allow you to save on the amount of dough. Or we talk of “restyling” because we must always look to the future with an eye to the past. So the “historical” shapes are revised eventually with the addition of passing holes: an idea to propose something new but which is lighter in terms of unit weight. This is especially done with the purpose of containing production costs: in fact, to reduce costs, the most immediate thing to do is to reduce quality or quantity. But with the revisiting of the resized shapes we have a reduction of costs without affecting the quality of the product. Errebi technology once again plays a huge role in ensuring that the challenges consisting of thinner and thinner biscuits, very abrasive recipes difficult to be released from the mould, so that all these challenges can be overcome once again thanks to the study of angles, materials and designs that allow you to overcome ever greater obstacles.