A word that has now become part of our everyday vocabulary is “petfood“, including with this all materials of vegetal or animal origin intended for consumption by pets, usually for a specific type of animal, such as dogs or cats, etc.

In 2018, the global pet food market was valued at nearly $ 90 billion and is expected to reach over $ 110 billion by 2024.

If we look back in the not too distant past, food for pets was nothing but the “waste” of human nutrition. Progressively the care for these animals has grown by focusing on foods with nutritional contents, nutrient elements, for balanced diets, with niche products such as organic or vegan products … up to particular attention to the shapes and, last but not least, attention to packaging in its increasingly important strategic role for its ability to persuade in purchasing decisions.

In other words, we are faced with a kind of translation and personification of animals as it happens in fairy tales or cartoons where their habits more and more look like those of humans.

So from one side there is an ever increasing research dedicated to pet food formulations (which food is best for our cats, or dogs or goldfish with what content of macronutrients or vitamins necessary to keep them healthly,  and which food to avoid because not nutritionally enough or because there is a risk of toxicity – such as chocolate, grapes, onions, xylitol, etc. -).

On the other side, the growing attention towards shape. Together with the traditional and simple kibbles, we find more and more real biscuits with shapes for every occasion: from Christmas to Easter from goldfish shaped up to the more classic dogbones. Well Errebi Technology is confirmed once again as leader in the field, not only for the production of moulds for biscuits, but also for the production of moulds for “petfood“. Due to the special formulations, a special attention is required for materials that must have a long life and ensure release. Due to the special recipes that often do not spread like biscuits for humans, a particular study of the lay out and configurations on the mould is necessary in order to exploit the surface of the roller as much as possible. Errebi Technology technical team is ready to study the best solutions, starting with waved rings as an excellent compromise between maximum performance and ring construction. Or it is ready to propose the best solution based on the machinery available (soft or hard lines), knowing that,  thanks to its long experience in the sector,Petfood products can be made both with rotary moulding rollers and  rotary cutters, by following specific procedures . Errebi Technology, a name that goes beyond a simple biscuit mould.