“Made in Italy” is synonymous with experience, love, passion, curiosity, research and style. From food to fashion, to manufacture, there are many Italian excellences. Saying Veneto is not just defining the region of Venice or Verona. A company that carries the Made in Italy flag high in the world ha salso its site in a small town in the Veneto region: it is Errebi Technology Spa which has its roots in this area more than half a century ago. In this reality, the wise use of experience translates into concrete our customers’ requests, transforming ideas into projects and projects into cookie moulds. Calculations, tests, research transforming a sketch into a mould that will not only give a shape simple pieces of cooked dough but will also create biscuits with high definition graphics, controlled weights, perfect release; in other words, high technology at the service of quality. With the global competition that undermines all sectors we can proudly say that the history and long experience of Errebi Technology distinguish us, making us a leader in the field of biscuit moulds thanks to the skilful mix of experience with an eye to the past and a bridge to the future. The need for quality, origin and transparency is increasingly growing from customers’ side to guarantee the value offered by the final product. Errebi Technology meets the necessary requirements for a 100% Made in Italy certification: products designed and manufactured in Italy, with high-tech materials, respecting tradition as well as workplace safety and hygiene regulations, and subjected to quality control. ‘. “No one is a prophet at home”, is debunked by Errebi Technology which has been chosen for years as a partner not only by large groups worldwide, but also by Italian biscuit factories.