Until a few years ago, Halloween was a prerogative of Anglo-Saxon countries, northern Europe and the United States only. In recent years, however, this celebration, in its purely consumerist meaning, has spread almost everywhere in the world. Our world of biscuits is no less and makes more and more use of the recurring images of this celebration: carved pumpkins, skulls, skeletons, vampires, cobwebs, ghosts, witch hats … And since colors recall images more easily, this is how the ingredients of the biscuit recipes are made richer with pumpkin (orange) or dark chocolate (which recalls black). Thanks to the skilful study of the shapes, their arrangement on the roller, as well as the particularity of the design of the cavity section and the skilful use of innovative materials by Errebi Technology, high definition products are available at an industrial level both for graphics and details. Furthermore, being a limited sesonal production, Errebi Technology offers the possibility of a flexible construction with the use of rings only for that limited period with the possibility of reusing the shaft and drum for future productions and other types of rings.