Errebi Technology is located in a small town in the Veneto region, near art cities such as Ferrara, Venice, Verona … Opposite our headquarters there is an industrial pastry shop that inebriates us with its aroma of “panettoni” and “colombe” (typical Italian Christmas and Easter cakes), long before the Christmas or Easter season begins. The aroma that is still entering the windows of our offices today reminds me of how we too as Errebi Technology,  with our customers, design molds in Christmas and / or Easter shapes, one year for the next. Every year we see an increase of biscuit factories starting the production of biscuits to celebrate the season, not only Christmas / Easter, but also linked to other events such as Halloween, or Mother’s Day, or S. Valentin. Obviously we are talking about limited productions, but which seem to find more and more success in sales in the period concerned. Our role as Errebi Technology is to suggest the best design in terms of shapes, something that can perfectly marry between innovation and tradition, between attention to detail on the same design and the solution for a perfect replease of the product from the roller.  In fact, we recall how the doughs used are special ones (“gingerbread” doughs mainly) requiring specific materials and design that only the long experience of Errebi Technology can offer.