They  say that it takes from 1 to 2 months to create a habit in our behavior. The period we leave behind has had an extraordinary impact on the way we live and relate, drastically changing even the most deeply rooted habits. We have definitely experienced months of challenges and changes on various levels (safety, health, sustainability, changes in our daily behaviors and attitudes as well as in our lifestyles). The online shopping experience that has grown exponentially (due to the characteristic of being safer from a health point of view) has however highlighted a recession in all sectors (from leisure time, to clothing, to education), except for the food sector. All of this is also found in our beloved world of biscuits: domestic consumption of baked goods such as crackers, snacks, biscuits; greater consumption of dietetic and / or health products with particular attention to the quantity with single portions, ideally 50gr / 8pcs, to keep fresh every time both at home and away from home (school, in the park); (lighter, thinner, with a more crunchy structure, vs the creamier stuffed products and therefore considered heavier from a dietary point of view): we recall the “thins” versions of many revisited products …, a sort compromise between staying fit and indulgence, considering that studies show an average weight gain of 5-6 kg per capita during the pandemic. Without forgetting the importance of packaging and the visual impact that combines dimensions, colors and images with evocations of the unique, natural and organic. And the trend towards organic and healthy was already growing before the pandemic. Covid-19 has only been a catalyst for the demand for organic and natural products to promote a stronger immune system. Packaging, as we have said, is important both for its visual impact (colors and images) but also for its quality since home deliveries have increased as well as online sales. Hence the concern to deliver an intact product. Attention to detail is also important, a small touch that can make the difference! Let’s remember how you eat with your eyes first! The increase in the consumption of biscuits was also favored by the lock down and consequent obligation to have breakfast at home. It is significant that there has also been a significant increase in the sale of coffee machines for domestic use! The approach between companies and customers has also undergone a great change. From telephone or email contacts with visits to the company crowned by international trade fairs, there has been an increase in virtual contacts via social media and the word “webinar” has now become part of our common language. Paradoxically, we are more in contact today through videoconferences and webinars than in the pre-Covid era thanks to the confidence and familiarity that we have all acquired with digital media. In short, another difficult period,  but we at Errebi Technology are always confident and with our gaze turned towards the future. And it is towards this better future that we also persuade our customers and friends to write many new projects together. We know that a new opportunity emerges from every crisis. And this is what we at Errebi Technology want to support with our partners. We also keep in touch on our website with our posts on market news and trends in the “news” section!

Greetings to all, merry Christmas and Happy New Year!