It is true that much has been created and invented over the centuries in all areas, so much so that we are often faced with unlikely proposals with extreme innovations. This is a bit in all fields (from the visual arts to  music,  to the culinary and food). In our beloved world of biscuits, the search for novelty is often closely linked to one’s past and traditions, as if not wanting to dare to exaggerate. The history of the market basically teaches us how the most traditional products are the ones that hold the most while the extreme proposals are often simple flashes of straw … In other words, the design of new products and biscuits mainly focuses on the search for unusual dimensions (generally a reduction in sizes but also, even if more rarely, design of XXL sizes). This “resizing” has led Errebi Tecnology to real challenges with the design of products with extremely small dimensions (up to 4-6mm in diameter). Our role is in fact essential to find the most suitable material and profile of the cavities for a perfect performance and release of the products. The production of these biscuits must take into account some precautions such as the passage of the belts and the cooking diagram to avoid falls and burns. The purpose of such an unusual production is basically to offer an alternative product to something that already exists (corn flakes for example). Errebi technology once again plays a fundamental role so that ever greater and impossible challenges are successfully overcome.