Oscar Wilde said that “beauty is the only thing against which the force of time is vain”. The search for beauty has always seemed to engage aesthetes of all times. But basically beauty is what each of us measures with himself and with the world around him. This simple pseudo-philosophical consideration to introduce a reflection on biscuits. Often marketing tries to highlight the outward appearance of a product more and more to the detriment of its quality. The same packaging aims to attract the attention of consumers with attractive proposals. However, we, Errebi Technology, are seeing more and more a countertrend, that is, enhancing the quality of a biscuit, even accentuating its defects and proposing purposefully ugly biscuits, with deliberate irregularities, but good taste ones. However, we do not think that ugliness or irregularity facilitates the design work which, on the contrary, must always balance everything so that the final product appears irregular, ugly but with its regular balance, which is very important for weight and baking process.