We can say that one of the current trends is to spend a little more to have an “extra and guilty pleasure” while some time ago the priority was towards cheap even if lower quality products. However, this does not mean that no attention is paid to costs. On the contrary, biscuit factories are very careful about cost calculations that a product entails. The ideal research therefore focuses on competitive products in terms of price, trying not to compromise their quality. An example is that of “industrial confectionery and pastry”, once made with various production processes (dropping machine, wire cutter, rotary moulder), and which can now be re-proposed by using the simple rotary moulder and, of course, on the basis of a particular design of the rotary moulding roller (which remains the heart of the line!). Errebi Technology has in fact developed a particular design that allows the production of various products with a single rotary moulding roller, once made with different processes. The result is an assortment of biscuits that does not have the costs of a traditional pastry, yet faithfully reproducing all its characteristics and features. Thanks to the study of design, release, weight control, Errebi Technology is able to propose solutions based on the most varied needs and requests.