We have gone through and unfortunately in many ways we are still going through a difficult period with many uncertainties, which has led to significant transformations in the habits of all of us, some positive, others less constructive. But as in any dark period, it is important to know how to read the signals to react adequately, with resilience, elasticity, courage and tenacity. As Errebi Technology, we have listened to the testimonies and experiences of biscuit companies, customers and friends both with direct dialogue and through the interpretation of their requests and needs of recent periods. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that the priority is for the quality of the products, accompanied by the love for their work, the solidarity that has led many biscuit factories to work for the social sector. And pride in one’s work with the awareness of doing well, with competence and professionalism. Here then is the (re) discovery of traditional products, sounding board of the values ​​to which we cling with greater strength in times of uncertainty. “Evergreen” biscuits to keep us company in our homemade breakfasts. At Errebi Technology, we continue to listen to the needs of our customers, to guide them in the choices of their investments, committing ourselves to offer the best tools for the perfect realization of your projects, in order to project our intentions towards the future, but without forgetting the our past and roots, and all this always with optimism and confidence.