The art of making biscuits, a food that has accompanied generations for centuries and that has evolved over time, continues to be a successful business due to the versatility characterizing the product. Used to integrate the contribution of daily needs into diets, or as a daily break, or as a moment of sharing or pleasure, or as a substitute for meals, the biscuit plays a fundamental role in the life of each of us. It is clear that each specific product is associated with a very specific production process in terms of shape, recipe and ingredients. It is therefore essential to correlate a precise technology for each type of biscuit if we want the production process to take place optimally, making the most of the line’s protential as well as perfomance and investment over time. This is why Errebi Technology has always made available its experience gained from years of close collaboration with important biscuit factories worldwide. In fact, our technology combines the most innovative materials with suitable constructions in order to exploit mould at most. In other words, each shape, each recipe has its own specific roller so that weight, release, durability are guaranteed over time.