As Errebi Technology, we can fully confirm what industry analysts detect worldwide regarding the biscuit market. Two opposite trends: on the one hand the desire for fulfillment (premium products), on the other health / diet products (attention to healthy nutrition). Therefore, if in some countries there has been a decline in the biscuit market in terms of volumes, this decline was however well compensated by the increase in the range of innovative products, but also rich and “greedy” niche, BUT also focused on the health / dietary aspect. However, all products are more expensive. In detail, we can safely say that chocolate biscuits have been among the main beneficiaries of the growing interest in the image of pleasure linked to this baked product, so much so that their market has continued to grow in most countries despite the economic crisis. and attention to the health issue. This is because, especially in the last year, the need for daily gratifications are felt more (given all the sacrifices that the pandemic has forced us to make) and the tendency to “compromise”, which pushes consumers to choose yes health products but also something greedy as a reward. To balance the “satisfying” products there are precisely the health / diet products: quality products of course, but simple, to be enjoyed at different times of the day without feeling particularly guilty, with single-portion packs, well attentive to the weights and ingredients ( cereals, wholemeal flours, inclusions of nuts or seeds …). Errebi Technology carefully follows these developments trying to keep up with the times in terms of materials, fundamental elements to ensure durability over time against increasingly abrasive and difficult to release ingredients and recipes. But not only that, the attention to the aforementioned weights has pushed Errebi Technology to very advanced investments in machinery that can produce moulds whose tolerances guarantee absolute uniformity of weights (and any compensations) from the first to the last piece of biscuit. And this, in terms of numbers, definitely makes the difference! Available, as always, for more details!