As we have already mentioned on another occasion, the heart of the production process of a biscuit line is the mould, while the cavity is the heart of this mould. The long experience of Errebi Technology is not limited to a thoughtful choice of the most suitable materials for demoulding and for a lasting over time; this experience is also based on the skilful study of the section of the cavity with sophisticated details and profiles that can guarantee release, uniformity of thickness and, last but not least, avoid the so-called “tailing effect”, that is the phenomenon of distortion of the dough after the extraction, caused by high speeds, or by high abrasive doughs. This is the cause of major problems in terms of uncontrolled weights, low quality of the final product, and, it goes without saying, higher production costs. With a skilful study of the profile of the cavities, Errebi Technology guarantees products with well-sharpened and defined edges, a guarantee of the quality of the biscuits. In other words, relying on a partner such as Errebi Technology, a leader in the biscuit mould production for years, means a guarantee of capillary attention to the various details. For further information we are always ready to give you further information and assistance.