Opposites are often said to attract. In the culinary field, creativity often manages to give life to harmony with curious and unique recipes. But what today is defined as a refined exquisiteness is perhaps born of a poor reality in which families, especially farmers, had their breakfast by putting together what they had available such as bread, honey and cheese. This tendency to mix sweet / salty is also spreading in the field of biscuits, naturally always studying everything carefully and respecting a certain balance. The approximately 10,000 taste buds allow us to identify the 5 main basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and unami. By a strange alchemy, sweet and salty that could not be combined magically work: if sweety or salty are are excessive, the combination of the two tastes works. One of the latest trends in terms of contrasts is represented by “pretzels” covered with chocolate and salt, an only apparent conflict of flavors. As Errebi Technology, we notice that this trend is increasingly affirming itself to possibly propose the same classic shapes that perhaps distinguish a particular brand, but with a new version that combines sweet ingredients with salty ingredients. From a technical point of view, the mould must be re-proportioned according to the new recipe which often requires an adjustment in terms of dimensions, with compensations that guarantee the same final product in terms of sizes. In fact, it is not uncommon for the same shape made with different recipes to have different sizes than the original after baking. Hence the importance of tests in production that can verify 100% dimensions, thicknesses and weights. And in this field, Errebi Technology has always been the first to offer a specific technology in the sector!